My country not in sms list how to buy privileges ?

6 Months ago

Hello, all this topick to player ho want to buy privileges. but dont know how or doont find sms payment in server

on this moment buy privileges only from this countrys wher is on red 

no problem you can requost to add your country to list
youts whryte add country and name  int this topick and i will 
oher whay to buy priveleges by ban and other payments simple go to  buy

then select language and do steps what its ask :)

6 Months ago
ukraina irgi pazymek buna zmoniu ;D ir rusu jai yra nepamenu ju velevos ;D poland irgi zaidzia :D
6 Months ago
rusu deja nera nes paysera nedraugauja su jais o del kitu saliu galima ir cia paziruet kas daugiause jungesi bet pvz romunai ir kitos salis daznai valkatos ;)  jiem 1 eur prabanga cia kaip vakar zaidejas man piso prota kaip nusipirkti vipa uz 1 eur kai pavyko jam galiause isaiskint jis pasake dekui gal kita ar dar kita men nusipirksiu :D
galima cia paziuret is kokiu daugiause jungesi