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XUL$GAN [Georgi@n Te@m] is a Scammer !

So,today i was playing CSGO MOD 21+ as usual and a guy called XUL$GAN [Georgi@n Te@m] scammed my AWP Longun...
He asked me : [Silver III] XUL$GAN [Georgi@n Te@m] :  trade your longun for my ak-47 blue tear?
And I said : [Silver Elite Master] : Hmm, Ok..
And I send my AWP Longun to him [CS:GO MOD] Gift (skin) successfully given
And he left the server... 
XUL$GAN [Georgi@n Te@m] dropped
XUL$GAN [Georgi@n Te@m] has left the game 
And if you want the screenshots ask me at Facebook ,

Tranzer Admin Abuse and Banning all players for no REASON !

||| Yoг are banned
||| Name: Blood^Line~ dark-iwnl
||| IP:
||| Steam: STEAM_1:0:1333964466
||| Banned by Admin: TrAnZeR*
||| Reason: AimBot
||| Permanent ban: 30.06.2017 - 10:40:55
||| Ban for: 1 week
||| Ban left time: 1 week
||| End of ban: 07.07.2017 - 10:40:55
||| Complain your ban

Change the CSGO Mod`s Default Knife

Hey ! 
Should the skin creator  or the owner add a better version of the Default Knife in CSGO Mod 21+ ? 
Because the knife has a little bit of a glitch so should the  skin creator or the owner add it ? 
Reply if you agree ;) 

Tipo banning all players for nothing

||| Yoг are banned
||| Name: Blood^Line~ DarkVaderS #AiMeR
||| IP:
||| Steam: STEAM_1:0:1333964466
||| Banned by Admin: Tipo
||| Reason: Trigger Happy is getting triggered
||| Permanent ban: 13.05.2017 - 14:52:53
||| Ban for: 1 week
||| Ban left time: 1 week
||| End of ban: 20.05.2017 - 14:52:53
||| Complain your ban
Kicked :"You are banned. Check Your console."

Blood^Line Clan !

Welcome to the Blood^Line Clan !
If you are interested to join the Blood^Line Clan Please Introduce yourself 
Example for your Form 
1. Your Nickname in game ? :Blood^Line~ DarkVaderS #AiMeR
2.Your age? - 15
3.Where are you from? - Malaysia
4. Why Do You want to Join? :Because i like this Clan
5.How many hours will you play on Silentai.Lt Server? : 3 - 4 Hours A Day

Speak your own language like English,Lithuania, and Malay !

Members : 
Leader : Blood^Line~ DarkVaderS #AiMeR 
Co Leaders : Blood^Line Kikachu and Blood^Line~aAa
Members : Blood^Line~ Marshall*Ren, Blood^Line~ awpno, Blood^Line~ Arhamali
Rules : Do not insult clan members and other players, Don`t swear to people, and Don`t use HACKS !
Good luck & Have fun guys !


Unban Me Pls !

[FB]-------------------------------------[FB]||| Yoг are banned||| Name: Blood^Line~ DarkVaderS #AiMeR||| IP:||| Steam: STEAM_1:0:1333964466||| Banned by Admin: CS-GO mod 21+||| Reason: Speed hack detected||| Permanent ban: 21.04.2017 - 12:21:54||| Ban for: 1 hour||| Ban left time: 1 hour||| End of ban: 21.04.2017 - 13:21:54||| Complain your ban[FB]----------------------------