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wH | Team! ( Reborn)

Welcome Everyone!

As i promissed, our clan, The Great wH | will be back on line with new power new people and much more Fun!

Who Am I ? 
Im Heartless! - The Owner Of Our Clan! (Or Just Alex in Real Life :P )

Whats My Goal?
I Want to make a great powerfull, friendly clan for everyone to have fun together!
* ( We are already Top 1 clan in server and we are not gonna stop! )

What kind of People i want to see in clan ?
1st of All, i want to see Adult people like 18+ to dont have problems for example with "Kids",
*Of Course, if you are active, playing well, not making any dramas or something like that, you are welcome also!

Why wH | is here ?
I Want to make a good Team, i want good players in clan, i dont want to have like 15-20 people who are playing like once per week...

If You are interested in joining us, please write abit about yourself, so i can check your candidature!


1. Your Nickname in game - wH | Heartless.
2. Your Name in Real Life - Alex
3. How Old Are You? - 23
4. Where Are You From? - Latvia
5. How often do you play in Server ? - From 2 to 5 hours per day
6. What do you await from being a member in wH | ? - Fun, Good people, awesome time together!
7. Why Do You want to Join? - Want to help clan to be the best!
8. Do You Have Facebook/Skype? - Yes!        (No need to tell name if you dont want!)  Its just in case there will be a FB Group later!
9. Why Should i Accept You ? - Well,im good, active player, could be really helpfull for clan!
10. What Do you think about Heartless as Admin/Player? - Awesome guy! :D

* Also You can write in your own language if you want! ( English, Russian, Lithuanian, Latvian! )

wH | TEAM!

1. wH | Heartless.
2. wH | Perekuras
3. wH | Vitasss
4. wH | HitlerIsLove
5. wH | Filip Kirkorof
6. wH | JURGA
7. wH | Logit
8. wH | cute
9. wH | Kill and get money*
10.wH | TeDi
11.wH | Hyperis
12.wH | Chamas
13.wH | LTU GMD Gaming
14.wH | KALIFA
P.S. - There is only active clan members! If a member who is in clan already want to be in this list, please contact me!

So, Welcome everyone! :) 

Also Clan Rules will be added soon!

 + Clan Logo Spray will be available soon.

Have A Great Gaming!



Okay, Pronax, im glad that u think that he is clean, that he have good headphones, reactions, etc... pffft, okay!

But Mahdi, i know that u knew i was watching you, so i would be really thankfull if you could upload demo not from Mirage Map, but from dust 2 and Mansion, both previous ones. Of course u will not gonna do it.

But anyway You cant run everywhere ( Without cheching any corners ) Because you know that there is noone... really? Thats a Bullshit.!
How can you know that guy is walking out from somewhere (Using Shift) And you are just waiting for him?
Its not luck, its just skilled cheater..

If i am not right, please, you can take off my admin rights.

Anyway if noone doesn't give a fuck about it, i dont mind if he is playing with cheats.!

Ty for attention, have a good day.

Cs:Go Sound Pack!

Hello everyone ! :)
Playing with Cs:Go Sound's are much interesting in this sever, so here will be download link to get them!

All You have to do is :
*Extract files
*Put everyone Sound from "Sound" pack in Your Cstrike - Sound - Weapons folder! :)

Also, i recomend to save your previous weapon sounds to another map youve created in case you will dont like the new ones! :)
Also there will be a folder called Cs:Go Sounds, take out every single one from all folders in the Cs:go folder and move to weapons folder in Cstrike - Sound - Weapons!

Hope you'll like it! :)
Have a great gaming! :)


CS:GO Sounds!

Hey Murz!  There will be a CS:Go Sounds in server in  future? Would be really cool! :)

Forum Shop!

Heya everyone!

I have  sugguestion! Lets make a Forum market/shop? Where people can put they're items wich are selling!

Selling - [AWP] Medusa (UNIQ) - 10k Points!
Pm me in forum or ingame if you are willing to buy!


Wtf is with this server???

Okay so ill start with that i see its kinda a new server, etc, lots of bugs and stuff..
1st of all i really didnt like that my VIP dissapeared somehow, somewhere even tho i paid money for it, right ?
Played 1 day with VIP instead of 30... ok no problem i can play with out it also....
But wtf is this??? just got banned for what ?? i dont even know, because admin couldnt explain what im doing wrong..
So ive got banned for 1 week because of alias +ss ... wtf is alias + ss??? in server are people that dont know ur language and you need to respect them and explain some thing's if ur doing something wrong... Thats why you are damn admin right ???????
So pissed about this server...