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1. Jusu tikras vardas : Dainius 
2. Kiek jum metu : 17
3. Is kokio miesto jus : Kaunas
4. Jusu pomegiai : Sportas,bendrauti,keliauti po pasaulėlį :) ...
5. Apibudinkite save keliais zodziais : Mielas, gražus, bendraujantis,pavyduolis :) ,draugiškas :)
6. Ar galvojate kad rasite cia antraja puse : Visur yra galimybę surast tą vienintelę :D
7. Nuotrauka? :

Hello its me.Drugeliz :)

Your nick name in game : now "harman.exe"
Your real name :Dainius
Your Age:17

Your contact information  (Skype,Facebook,Instagram etc) : SKype:stanke2001 Facebook: Aš Dainius
Where you from?  :Lithuanian
What are yours hobbies? : Play cs,cs:go,bassketball,and more..
What kind of music you like most?  : I listening,which i like.(Rock,pop,house music,and more)
Do you have brothers or sisters?  :Yes,have(2 brothers,and 1 sister :) )
Who inspired you to play in SILENTAI.LT servers? :I was inspired by a great team of administrators, a great server, anti cheats, and everything else
How long time you play Counter-Strike  1,6 ? : 10 years :)
Tell us little bit about your self,you character (you can present your + and - ) :I am pleased, you can always ask me, help, I will advise you. I am polite, I go for the truth :) I like to cooperate.
How did you find our servers? :I was looking for a cs: go server, and I took Lithuanians, so I decided to go and I liked it, so I am here now :)
Your photo everyone want know how you looks like :) : Okey :) Nice day all's :) :) :)

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